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PHrame is centred on exploring new practices of creation, promotion and dissemination of digital photographic artwork and establishing a community of photographers through public events and an interactive virtual platform.

This creative network reviews the codes of image making in the digital era, examining the impact of digital technologies on traditional representations and image manipulation. All the featured projects promoted by PHrame incite us to contemplate and rethink our encounters, by means of introspection or by looking outward at our world.


Internet and new digital technology have fundamentally shaped today’s visual culture. The enormous success met with by the social media has participated in an increase of public interest in the photographic image and for a transformation in the way we see photography. Internet users increasingly invest the fields of creation and diffusion of images via social networks, blogs, websites, virtual galleries and on-line magazines.

Digital manipulation is used on a daily base in the artistic and commercial world, from a simple editing to complete transformation of the picture. Digital use allows a new aesthetic quality to emerge and challenges the traditional photographic codes.

Today’s artists, in general, and photographers, in particular, are required to adapt to these new dynamics in order to pursue their work, their passion, their art. This not only means taking into account new technologies and new cultural and communicational practices but also developing new specific skills as an author, artist, narrator, as well as an editor, producer, distributor, promoter, organizer of online communities. As a result, the number of initiatives relying more and more on an intensive dialogue with the public, on self-publishing, on micro-credit projects funding is multiplying throughout the world and is constantly evolving.

Based on these facts, we would like to set up a space for information and for discussion about the new possibilities in the exercising of the work of photographer and enable our public to explore these new practices via various specific projects.