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Photography at the time of Internet

PHrame selected work by international photographers and visual artists who make good use of the richness of such resources as Internet. Be it in terms of production, diffusion, financing or collaboration, the real appeal by these artists for the recycling of a digital heritage creates as many vocations as interconnections.


Jon Rafman
The Nine Eyes of Google Street View
Screenshots of selected views from Google Street View that creates a structured and structuring space, whose codes and meaning have been constructed or interpreted by the artist as a curator.

Lucy Phillips
What cannot be seen
An attempt to create a visual and textual archive of the unseen by returning to the fundamentals of photographic image making, the pinhole camera and inviting people to take part in a postal photography project via a Facebook status update.

Jamie House
Stranger: Memories
A series of long exposure images produced out of other people’s memories mined from the internet on various social media sites, as an investigation on how we disseminate and share images in the public domain.

David Horvitz
Public Access
A multi-level project that took the artist on a trip along the American West Coast, photographically documenting his presence at beaches from Mexico to Oregon and posting the images on the locations’ corresponding Wikipedia pages.

Tanja Alexia Hollander
Are you really my friend?
A modern-day odyssey to physically connect with the artist’s 600 Facebook friends.

Timo Klos
A photo series of long exposures taken during the last 10 days with his girlfriend, Orr.

Sara Angelucci & Han Xu
Your Morning is My Night
A collaborative photo project between a native of Beiing and Toronto resulting in a series of diptychs of a visual exploration of the other’s culture.

Jeff Harris
4748 Self-Portraits
Online self-portraiture allowing viewers to follow one photographer along on his adventures.

Simon Roberts
We English
In a desire to photograph what it means to be English, the artist explored leisure activities and invited members of the public to post ideas of events on his blog in an attempt to involve people in their own representation.

Andrew Newson & Pierre Wayser
An online photographic collaboration producing diptych pairings of images responding to a theme they take in turns to set.

Mishka Henner
Dutch Landscape
A collection of captured views from censored Dutch political, economic and military sites on Google Earth.

Clement Valla
Postcards from Google Earth
Screenshots from Google Earth’s anomalies presented as postcards in the physical world.

Jenny Odell
Satellite Collections
A collection of satellite imagery motivated by a wish to save these low-resolution, sporadically-updated pixels -these strange pictures of ourselves – from the ephemerality of the internet.

Simone Massera
I am not what you see and hear
A slideshow of digital images taken via the webcam on video chat websites, freezing brief moments of waiting and expectation right before the appearance of another new face on the screen.